Monday, 8 September 2008

What a weekend!!

Well, all I can say is what a weekend that was.

Jamie's girlfriend arrived on Friday late afternoon and we actually all sat down for dinner together, even stewart, and although he didn't eat his usual portions, he ate which was nice.

However by saturday he wasn't well again and took to bed. His eye looked like it had blistered so I rang A&E to ask their advice. The on-call eye man rang me and decided he should check it out just in case but didn't think it was serious. So off we trooped, well I trooped, Stewart shuffled, down to A&E to see a very nice doctor who had seen stewart at the beginning of his eye problems. Bless him, he was gutted he hadn't spotted it earlier (only by 2 weeks mind). Well, afterall, the problem wasn't serious so we came home again but stewart has stayed in bed all weekend with his stomach pains and his eye aching.

By last night I got quite cross with him, no wonder he feels so lousy with his stomach, he isn't eating and he isn't drinking, sorry but a sip of water every 4 hours with tablets is not drinking. Was very firm with him and as he decided to come down for a bit, he promised me he'd drink.

Well it's Monday morning, stewart came back to bed at some point, not sure when cos my head hit the pillow and i was out for the count. I am up with the boys ensuring they get off to school ok and then it's getting Stew and madam up and about. We are dropping her off and going straight down to the hospital.

I realise we might not get definative answers but I just need some. This not knowing is awful. I realise there may well be more tests, I realise they may keep him in, but anything is better than this. He needs something to focus on too as I think some of the problems he is having is nerves etc. totally understandable but need sorting.

Thank you for continuing to put up with my ramblings.

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Sally said...

Hugs and prayers to you. My thoughts are with you today.