Sunday, 4 April 2010

Cyber crop alert

Yep, it's happened, they've announced another cyber crop on UKS - it's slightly different as instead of buying kits they have given you a kit list or a list of what you need as an alternative - and its the latter I shall be using as I cannot possibly buy more stuff LOL. However, saying that I had a little splurge this week as I am definately under the weather.

I seem to have had a flu type bug - aching body, sneezing, swollen glands, temperature - oh that's been fun and very typical as I have a few days off work as it is the Passover. The kids have been great tho and today I feel slightly better. However to cheer myself up yesterday I went and ordered some fancy pants papers from Sarahs Cards (whoops LOL) and then a couple of punches and a template too from Modscraps (whoops again) but at least I have something to look forward to receiving this week.

Anyway, the point of this post is that the cyber crop has meant I had to sort out some of my papers last night and then I had a bit of a scrapping session - and here are the results.

This one was a LO I started at the paper dolls crop but couldn't think of a title - well I found a wonderful website which gives you lots of ideas and this is the result

I then decided that with another Sarah's cards retreat some 300+ days away, I should do the LO on the first retreat and here it is

It's difficult to do a LO with so many photos but this paper seemed to be perfect (Fiskers Cloud9 kit that I bought eons ago) so I am pleased to find something to go with it.

Had a little trouble as ran out of r's for the title so changed some of the letters to orange thickers as there seems to be a lot of orange worn at the retreat LOL

As for me - well Passover came and after all the work to prepare for it we seem to be doing ok - must say if I never see another piece of matzah then I won't be dissappointed LOL. But only got 3 days left (including today) and looking forward to a pizza at 9.30 on Tuesday evening LOL