Saturday, 21 June 2008

I'm sorry but now for something crafty

Ok, I know it's been absolutely ages since I posted on my blog, but to be honest with everything going on in this house, I just haven't had the time or the inclination. Stewart is now starting to get better but he is just so stubborn. His neck and shoulders are still bothering him and won't go to a doctor, his legs (the ones with the holes in them) are healing but very very slowly, and his tongue is also slow to heal.

The kids have been keeping me busy too, with the boys both having their birthdays (Jamie turned 17 so driving lessons are now an important factor in our life), we have had visitors staying both weekends, which was lovely but hectic but obviously this has curtailed my crafting (i take over the dining room and am totally unsociable).

The only good thing is that Jamie's new girlfriend scrapbooks too so at least she doesn't look at me strangely (well not for scrapbooking anyway).

So today, with plumbers etc running round my house, I decided to do something for me. Having bought a baby box (going very cheap) from Costco to put my craft stuff (well some of it anyway) in to take to crops, I realised that it looked totally and utterly bare. So off I set to make it a little bit brighter.

I used my trusty cuttlebug and my cuttlebug red tag sale dies for the words and sizzix and sizzlet dies for the shapes and using funky foam I decorated the box.
All the foam was stuck on with pinflair glue which is absolutely fantastic.
This is the front of the box and below are the two sides
At least I don't think anyone else will pick this up at a crop mistaking it for theirs (LOL)

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Update on my beloved husband

Well, after Friday's excitement, Saturday got no better. My husband's tongue had been hurt during his fall and was really painful so after a call to NHS Direct (who were brilliant) we set of for our local hospital. There, they decided to call a consultant at Leeds General Infirmary to see if he needed stitches. Well it was decided that he should, so off we set to the LGI and yes, 10 stitches in his tongue later, we came home. I am absolutely emotionally shattered by it all and with very little sleep am tired too!!

Sunday has been better other than I have spent all day cooking foods my husband can eat - he can't chew so unless he eats baby food I will have to be quite organised to ensure he, and all the family get fed. I've made soup, shepherds pie, spaghetti bolognese, omelettes, jelly - the list goes on and I feel like Delia Smith.

Although he isn't working tomorrow he is hoping to be back on Tuesday, although he has promised not to climb any ladders (lol).

Maybe my next post will actually be craft related.