Sunday, 4 April 2010

Cyber crop alert

Yep, it's happened, they've announced another cyber crop on UKS - it's slightly different as instead of buying kits they have given you a kit list or a list of what you need as an alternative - and its the latter I shall be using as I cannot possibly buy more stuff LOL. However, saying that I had a little splurge this week as I am definately under the weather.

I seem to have had a flu type bug - aching body, sneezing, swollen glands, temperature - oh that's been fun and very typical as I have a few days off work as it is the Passover. The kids have been great tho and today I feel slightly better. However to cheer myself up yesterday I went and ordered some fancy pants papers from Sarahs Cards (whoops LOL) and then a couple of punches and a template too from Modscraps (whoops again) but at least I have something to look forward to receiving this week.

Anyway, the point of this post is that the cyber crop has meant I had to sort out some of my papers last night and then I had a bit of a scrapping session - and here are the results.

This one was a LO I started at the paper dolls crop but couldn't think of a title - well I found a wonderful website which gives you lots of ideas and this is the result

I then decided that with another Sarah's cards retreat some 300+ days away, I should do the LO on the first retreat and here it is

It's difficult to do a LO with so many photos but this paper seemed to be perfect (Fiskers Cloud9 kit that I bought eons ago) so I am pleased to find something to go with it.

Had a little trouble as ran out of r's for the title so changed some of the letters to orange thickers as there seems to be a lot of orange worn at the retreat LOL

As for me - well Passover came and after all the work to prepare for it we seem to be doing ok - must say if I never see another piece of matzah then I won't be dissappointed LOL. But only got 3 days left (including today) and looking forward to a pizza at 9.30 on Tuesday evening LOL

Monday, 22 March 2010

And there's more

Yep, I have continued to scrap whilst designing invitations and starting making them - so along with work, kids and trying to keep the house clean I have been a busy bee.

The first LO is one I have done for the sarah's cards blog challenge here - I found some papers that I bought when I first started scrapbooking and have used these for a very rare LO of a birthday - I just don't seem to do these for some reason.

Not sure I like it - it was one of those LO's that took me absolutely ages but there we go - it's done and it's in the album.

This LO is using February's Sarah's cards kit - now this is an achievement because not only do I never use a kit before the next one arrives, it was one of those that I wasn't sure about - but then I found this photo and it all just came together - however I am noticing a theme of having a strip of paper etc running through the middle of the card - I blame Racheal for that LOL as I just loved her LO from the retreat.

As for the rest of my news, I am delighted that there will be another retreat next year - and on my birthday too - now that's exciting - unfortunately some of those there this year haven't got in :( which is sad but we are hoping that the they will get in on the reserve list but I am really looking forward to it - and Ali is coming with me again :-)

I am also going on the LPD retreat in July - so very excited I must say and hopefully I will be sharing with Ali again :-)

Right best get off to work and Gem off to school.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Layouts, Layouts and more Layouts

Well here goes ........................... the first layouts are the completed ones from Sarahs Retreat

This was Lou's class - and she made me scrunch paper and ribble it too - boy did I have problems working that gadget LOL

Two layouts from Sarah's class - I have never done 8.5 x 11 layouts but am totally converted - i turned the photoshoot layout round to fit the fact that i hadn't read the instructions and me filmstrip photos were the wrong way round - but actually I really think it works this way too.

this was Racheal's class - and probably the most complicated but I love it - again I had to scrunch paper and tear and ink it - but it has turned out beautiful and I love the fact that the picture I chose matches absolutely perfectly.

this was Lianne's class and again I learnt so much - i have never really used a template on a layout or used pain in this way and I love the way we used the journalling paper by cutting them out and layering them up.

And now for my layouts that i did at the retreat - some of these were inspired by layouts and techniques I had learnt during the weekend

I adored the kit from Sarah's cards and as I had bought some of the paper before I thought it was a good time to use it up in a multitude of layouts - and these were the result.

My mojo has definately come back and this is the one I did based on racheal's class when I got home

As I am home today as Gemma isn't too well, I am cooking for dinner tomorrow as I have 7 of Jamie's student friends coming for dinner but I think I might just do some more scrapping.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Retreat pictures

Here are the few pictures I actually remembered to take LOL - my apologies for the photography - i am useless with a camera LOL

this is my car - ready and packed - to be honest the box under the bags is the stuff I brought for the charity table and other than the pink tote and blue tool bag and my case I could have left everything else at home.

This is me with my roomie and friend - Ali - she is one of the most talented scrapper but more importantly she is the nicest person you could ever meet - thank you Ali for coming along this weekend and having such a laugh - now all we need to do is ensure that you have a bra that stays done up over the dinner table LOL ;-)

A view of the cropping room - everyone was really busy after the classes had finished on Sunday afternoon.

Sam and Gwyneth who sat on our table and shared the backrow of the classroom with us - and how we laughed together - bless them both - I loved being with you for the weekend and hope we can see each other again soon.

Here's a picture of Julie - and not sure where my picture of Helen is LOL - but they did make me laugh throughout the evenings (and the days as well LOL) - good luck Helen with your forthcoming op and I hope when you are back on your feet we can all meet up again.

Tara, who joined us for dinner, got more than she bargained for with Ali, but we did laugh and I LURVE the accent xx

And here are the ladies on the next table - loved them too and we did laugh - and I am so grateful that Chloe (back left) and I got out of Manchester car park to get to the retreat.

Here's Jane - doing what we all did very well during the weekend - shopping!!!!

Another picture which isn't quite the one I wanted - this was supposed to be Sarah and Lianne together (well they are but I only got the back of sarah) but it's a lovely picture of Lianne x

And a picture of some of the design team on sunday afternoon - they all did a magnificent job of teaching especially someone like me who just can take instructions LOL.

And here is Rachel clearing our table - was lovely to spend some time with her as have been friends for 2 years now - and I even managed to save her a train ride home.

I know my photos are lousy in comparison to others but it was such a wonderful weekend that I just never thought to get my camera out of my bag until late on Sunday afternoon. My apologies to those I wanted to take a picture of (which to be honest is all of you at the retreat) and didn't - hopefully next time (that's a hint to Sarah and Lianne xxx)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My daughter the footballer

Thought I would put a little something nice on here that isn't scrapping - this is a picture of my darling daughter (far right) with her team mates who all play for the Amazones. She has just joined them and is loving every minute. The gentleman on the far right is the kit sponsor. She has played in a couple of games and surprisingly is quite good - or so I am told as so far I haven't managed to get to a game due to work commitments or being away on a retreat!!!!! Having stood at many a match for my eldest, I am looking forward (I think) to standing by the side of a pitch once again cheering on the team
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Sunday, 7 March 2010

A wonderful time

It seems like such a long time since I blogged about anything nice, but hopefully this entry will be the start of many nice things.

The year so far has been better than expected - and although there have been some ups and down we are all doing ok.

This weekend I have been on the Sarah's Cards Retreat and what a retreat. From the minutes I set off from Leeds on Friday morning to the moment I got home I have had a ball. Ok, I admit in all my excitement I arrived far too early but the pleasure of sitting in the foyer of the hotel and watching the world go by and the people arrive was well worth it.

The whole weekend was amazing from the new faces I met, to the old friends that were there - from the welcome from the team and the goody bags, to the classes and the make and takes. From the laughter to the tears, from the new friends made to the old friends who will continue to be there.

This experience has been awesome. I have met so many people who knew my story and have shared it through UKS and this blog and I have met so many people who didn't but who cared about it when they heard. I have laughed with my new friends and with my old ones and many of us shared tears of both laughter and sadness over our life stories.

Yet with all this going on I have learnt so much from those teaching (and their wonderful helpers). I have learnt that it really is ok to tear and scrunch paper, that you ink every edge LOL, that you can do 8.5 x 11 LO's and they really are amazing too. I have worked wth acrylic albums and made mini books that go on to your LO, I have cut, folded, distressed, painted, added embellishments, layered and even added a butterfly or two to a LO (thank you Rachael Elliot LOL). I have been told that I look younger than my photo by more than one person but most of all I hopefully have made friends with so many and hopefully for a long time.

I have managed to do 14 LO's - some of my own too which I am incredibly impressed with and will upload hopefully tomorrow. The lessons taught were so inspiring and the fact that the instructions were clear and consise made all the difference. The bonus of having the teachers on hand after the lessons whilst you completed the LO's meant that you never felt out of your depth and from the bottom of my heart I thank the organisers, Sarah and Lianne and all the DT at Sarah's Cards for their friendliness and helpfulness and I hope that I can use your inspiration to continue to produce LOs that may, one day, be as beautiful as yours.

However, the ladies that attended the "conference" (and I haven't a clue what the staff at the hotel made of us all LOL) made the experience whole. I have met so many of those I have spoken to on UKS, I have met some of those who have supported me through the past 18 months, I have met ladies who were a total inspiration and I have hopefully made some new friends.

All the ladies were warm and welcoming but I have to mention some very special ones who made the weekend what it was (and this excludes the list of all the DT because they are automatically included).

Chloe - how lovely to meet you and how lovely to share the experience of driving round and round the Manchester Airport short stay car park - I really did think we were going to spend the weekend there.

Gwyneth - well what can I say - you are such a wonderful lady who I am so grateful to for your continued friendship - but to meet you IRL was a joy - you made me laugh so many times, not at you but with you and I hope your first experience of speed scrapping wasn't too bad - you are a true inspiration and I can honestly say I love you sooo much.

SamG - you have made me laugh and cry - you are such a warm and funny lady and I am so grateful we had you on our table all weekend and we shared our classes - love you too hun.

JulieM and Scrappydog (Helen) - well what can I say - you made me laugh and laugh. You are two of the warmest, kindest, most wonderful ladies and it was such a pleasure to be in your company. Helen, I hope your back op goes well and you are on your feet quickly again and back to your scrapping. I just want to bundle you both up and bring you home wth me because you truly make me smile. I hope we see each other again soon xxxx

Tara - you were lovely to meet, you made us laugh and I think you have a wonderful husband and family - remember you are the parent and you know we are always here for you.

Jane and Denise - well what can I say - Jane, you know how I feel about you and it hasn't changed, and Denise - you are as lovely as Jane says and I felt from the start that I knew you and you were just as wonderful as I thought you'd be.

Trina - how funny that we didn't know each other was going - next time TELL ME and I'll take you over you daft so and so - hope you are feeling better soon hun xxxx

Rachel (W) - so lovely to actually spend some time with you - remember you are a talented young lady and deserve to be where you are - don't forget the promise of a shopping trip xxxx

To all the other ladies I met, far too many to mention - you are all stars.

However my special thanks has to go to Alison - there is noone I would rather share a room with, no one I would rather share a weekend with and no one who makes me laugh as much as you do - you are such a special lady and I am so thankful you are my friend - love you babe xxxx

So now it's 11.30pm, I am knackered and the washing machine has finally finished so I am off to put my washing in the dryer so the kids have uniforms for tomorrow and I am off to bed.

But before I finish there are three special people who deserve a thank you and that is my amazing kids - not only did they make me go away but they looked after themselves whilst I did it - they kept the house tidy - the didn't fall out too many times and without them I wouldn't be who I am - so Jamie, Alex and Gemma - I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE STARS AND BACK AGAIN.

I promise to blog my LO's tomorrow but from me, goodnight xxxxx

Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome 2010

I suppose today is a time when people reflect on the past year, and that is no exception for me.

We have had some good times and some bad times but most importantly, with the help of some wonderful family and friends we have got through it.

We spend last night with dear friends exactly as we did last year. It was quiet but good to be with people who didn't expect me to be the life and the soul of the party and we were able to have more a giggle this year than last.

So what does 2010 have in store for us all? I suppose that is the million dollar question and one you just dont know the answer to. I hope for us all it brings love, laughter, health and happiness but for the kids I also hope it brings some peace.

Jamie, my darling eldest has a huge year ahead of him, with A levels, hopefully starting university (Sheffield) and watching his beloved Leeds United actually do well in the league and possibly the various cups they are involved in. I hope he finds someone to share all this with, someone who cares for him but at only 18 I mostly hope he is able to have fun with life.

Alex, my little boy, who isn't a little boy and is growing up and turning into a man right in front of my eyes. For him I hope he manages to cope with his GCSE's, gets to go to Israel in the summer and has an amazing time and hopefully will start sixth form. I hope his friends stick by him and he is able to make new ones and that he will start to have the life he so wants.

And as for my baby, Gemma, she has so much to look forward to with starting high school in september. I hope during the next few months when they have taster days there, she has a great time, I hope the two girls giving her a hard time at school leave her alone to enjoy the last few months of primary so that her memories are good ones, I hope she lets go of some of the anger about her daddy and starts to progress forward and I hope she copes with her Sats.

As for me, my greatest wish is to get through May, June and July with all the exams in the house without killing any or all of my kids LOL - but I hope that this year I can start to get some order in my life and start to find ways to fill the huge time I sit thinking about Stew. I hope that he carries on being part of my life and walking by my side and letting me know he is still there, I hope that I find time to scrap, time to spend time with my friends and family and generally get through the year - maybe finding some peace in my heart along the way.

For all my family and friends, and those of them with sick relatives and friends, I hope this year is a good one, that those who are unwell get better.

I hope that a cure for Cancer is found, although it will be too late for us there are dear members of our community who need this more than ever. I hope that I can continue to raise money for both Cancer Research and St Gemma's so that they are both there when needed.

Now that I have had a deep and meaningful post, I want to finish with this.

Although I may have been unlucky to have lost my darling husband, I am still the luckiest person alive. I have three wonderful, gorgeous, healthy children, parents that are amazing (even if mum has forgotten I am an adult LOL), an amazing brother, sister, brother in law, sister in law and nieces and the most unbelievable friends - both here in Leeds with me and on UKS - without any of them I wouldn't have made it through the past 12 months and I hope that I can be as good a friend to them as they have been to me. May this year bring peace and happiness to all.