Sunday, 1 June 2008

Update on my beloved husband

Well, after Friday's excitement, Saturday got no better. My husband's tongue had been hurt during his fall and was really painful so after a call to NHS Direct (who were brilliant) we set of for our local hospital. There, they decided to call a consultant at Leeds General Infirmary to see if he needed stitches. Well it was decided that he should, so off we set to the LGI and yes, 10 stitches in his tongue later, we came home. I am absolutely emotionally shattered by it all and with very little sleep am tired too!!

Sunday has been better other than I have spent all day cooking foods my husband can eat - he can't chew so unless he eats baby food I will have to be quite organised to ensure he, and all the family get fed. I've made soup, shepherds pie, spaghetti bolognese, omelettes, jelly - the list goes on and I feel like Delia Smith.

Although he isn't working tomorrow he is hoping to be back on Tuesday, although he has promised not to climb any ladders (lol).

Maybe my next post will actually be craft related.


Tinkerbelle said...

Wow, looks like you have been busy... glad your husband is at home wishing him a speedy recovery xxx

Cleo Crafts said...

a food blender is a wonderful thing!!! this reminds me of when my OH had his jaw broken and we had to puree everything!!

jo said...

Sounds very sore - hope he is on the mend soon.

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Ouch - that sounds very painful! Hope he gets better soon.

Hayley & Martyn said...

oh susy - had no idea, huge hugs to you and your hubby. Glad to hear he (and you) are on the mend.

Take care