Saturday, 31 May 2008

What a shock

The experts always say you should talk about things, so this post is my therapy about yesterday's day from hell.

It started at 10am when I got a phonecall from my husband's apprentice telling me my husband had fallen off a ladder and they were waiting for an ambulance.
My son reckons I could win olympic gold with the speed I ran out of the house (just as well I was dressed!). I am sure I will receive a speeding notification in the next couple of weeks as I have never driven so fast anywhere in my life. I arrived to find the owners of the cricket club where he was working were looking after him, but he was lying on the floor, covered by blankets but was conscious at least. He had missed some security railings (those with the spikes on the top) by a matter of inches and the pictures of what could have been keep flashing through my mind.
The ambulance arrived and although they offered me a lift with them, there were cars and vans and people to sort so being the organised person I am, I arranged for various people to come and get various vehicles and to take me to the hospital where this is absolutely NO parking anywhere to be had. Luckily, his injuries seem to be superficial, they did think there was a problem with his wind pipe and his neck at the top but the x-rays seem to show everything is ok. He has badly bitten his tongue which is sore, swollen and making eating, drinking and talking difficult (well at least he won't shout at me). He has a terribly sore neck and shoulders (where he landed) and some lovely holes in the back of his thighs where he caught the security fence top. But, he is alive and he is home and I am now trying to get over the shock of it all. Although I am not sure that the doctors fully checked him over once they decided his spine was alright, I am just relieved to have him home.

The only upside to all of this, well I can't go anywhere and leave him so I will have time to craft today. I did say, as he was being wheeled into the ambulance that if I'd brought my camera it would have made a good scrapbooking picture .............. my humour is not good when I'm in shock!!!

It does make you appreciate how much you love someone when something like this happens but after his two ordeals with cancer I was hoping for no more stark reminders. I feel like I've aged about 20 year (and look it too this morning) and i've told him that he owes me my day off when he's better. I think once we can, a weekend away for the two of us to celebrate our life is in order.

I am not sure if this has helped me, and I hope it isn't too grotesque to read for you but at least by writing this down I have dealt with some of the thoughts I had during the night.

I promise my next post will be on a much lighter note.


jo said...

He sounds as though he was very very lucky - hope his unjuries soon heal. Someone was looking down on him I think!

daydreamer said...

Oh so glad to hear DH was (ok) it does take these awful things sometimes to realise how much you love & appreciate the people in your life, please pass on my get well soon wishes :)

Jay said...

What a shock that must have been for both of you. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.