Saturday, 27 September 2008

Chemo and catch - up

Well this is the catch up bit cos I just didn't have the time or the energy yesterday to update my blog.

Yesterday was an interesting day. It started off with me having a meeting with Stewart's apprentice to try and sort out work times etc. However, having admitted to billing one of our customer's direct for a job I took him to, I provided the tools and fixtures and Stewart had come up and helped finish, I lost my temper. That is three jobs he's charged for, actually 3 jobs he's undercharged for and taken our money so that's it, no more work for him from us. I am quite calm about it at the moment but I have never been so angry with one person in my life and I told him so.

Then I had a call from Denise, a Macmillan worker who Mum knows. She talked to me for about an hour and I managed to off load quite a bit onto her.

Then into St Gemma's to see Stewart and we left for St James' at about 12.45pm. On arrival at the hospital I realised we didn't have the hospital notes with us. I sent my mum and dad off to pick them up for me (whoops, like they don't have enough to do for me!!) and we waited and waited. For some reason the chemo was late coming up which meant it was late being done!! Never mind, we weren't due anywhere! Once they had it set up at the right speed so it didn't hurt Stewart, we were set for an hour and a half of very boring conversation so I plugged stewart into his music and I went downstairs for a cuppa. Once I got down there everything started to catch up with me and I didn't feel too well, so I made myself eat something. Whilst there the wife and daughter of the gentleman who had been opposite us in the ward at St James' came and sat with me, he also isn't in a good way but it was nice to catch up with them and I think they plan to pop in at home to see us in the near future.

The trip back to St Gemma's was interesting with Stewart wretching all the way there but then he settled down for a quiet evening, and I went to my parent's to have dinner with the kids, something I promised I would do at least every Friday night. We popped back together to say goodnight and once we got home, got the kids settled for the night I went to have an early(ish night). I woke at 8am this morning which was a lie in for me and I feel so much better for it.

I am now sat at St Gemma's chatting to stew as I type this.


Eileen said...

Glad the chemo wasn't TOO bad, despite the retching, and that you made it to your family Shabat supper, I know how important it is to keep your family 'grounded' in difficult times.

"*@^#&!+$ etc" to the crummy (ex?) apprentice! How can anyone take such advantage when he knows Stewart is desperately ill? Defies belief ...

Anonymous said...

Gosh sweetheart you are all really going through a rough time.

I'm useless at saying what I want to say but just hoping that your strength and sense of humour and lovely family will help you through this dreadful time.

Sending lots of hugs to you and your family.


Sylvia said...

My thoughts are with you and my prayers.
Keep up the fight