Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Visitors, visitors and more visitors

Evening everyone, thought I'd update again today otherwise I will forget things!!! (sorry the brain is a bit adled).

Well having had a very full day of visitors today, from friends and family stewart was exhausted so I am hoping if the patch works and keeps him pain free through the night he might get a good rest tonight. I am going in in the morning and will ask that there are no visitors until later in the day. He managed a walk round the gardens today, refusing to take a wheelchair, and regretted it big time cos that added to his exhaustion.

I met Dan, the care worker for the kids, who seems really nice and is coming to meet them at home in a couple of weeks. I am not sure if the kids will open up to him but at least they know there is someone here for them other than the family and friends.

As for me, I am feeling very relieved having met my boss. I can't go into too much info on here but just to say I have there full support and certainly the next 3 months will be much easier for me, and I will not have to juggle rushing to work with looking after everyone, it will be balanced out for me so that is one lot of stress erased. Now I just need to fill in the forms for tax credit and disability allowance, there are hundreds of questions and some of them don't make sense to me!!!! Hopefully, there will be someone in the hospice who can help me tomorrow.

Right, off to bed now as the clock has turned midnight and my coach is now a pumpkin!!! Lets hope tomorrow is a good day too.


Tash said...

Susy - good news on the job front, you must be relieved. Glad to hear yesterday was a better day.



Eileen said...

Glad things are feeling a bit more settled, and that work isn't such a worry for a while. Re the forms, the hospice should be able to help you, and if not your McMillan / cancer care nurse surely will.

Thinking of you

Eileen x

Gwyneth said...

Glad things got sorted re work Susy, one less thing for you to worry about.

Thinking of you all.