Saturday, 27 September 2008

Facebook and Phones

Ok, just a quick post that if you don't have a black sense of humour you may wish to miss.

I was talking to Jamie last week and he asked how people would get to hear that Stewart had passed away. After explaining the mechanics of a jewish community - one call and the world knows (but it's lovely really) and the fact that grandpa would make calls to out of towners, Jamie decided that it was easier to sign into facebook as his dad, and change the status to read:

Stewart is going

Stewart is going

Stewart has gone

Ok, not funny but it has tickled us an awful lot (and Stewart found it humorous too)

Jamie then came up with the fact that as he sounds just like his Dad and therefore once he has gone, he could ring up customers who haven't paid from his phone and scare the living daylights out of them!!!!

So anyone reading this that will owe us money for work Stewart has done - be warned (LOL)

Told you it was sick, but hey it's what is keeping us going and I didn't want to forget the humour that we have shared.


Anonymous said...

That actually is quite funny, and I think it is lovely that your family can find humour in a rotten situation, and that your kids feel comfortable talking about death.

Quackas said...

No its not a horrible thing at all...

The way to stay on top of things is to find humour in the darkest of things.

Your son made me laugh and im sure alot of others will find it funny as well.... Oh and im glad you got rid of the apprentice.

Eileen said...

A black (or should I even say 'warped'?) sense of humour is absolutely essential at times like this. I don't know Jamie, obviously, but I can tell that he is virtually maturing in front of your eyes, and that's reflected in his humour too.

Mrs Hedgehog said...

Can you laugh and cry at the same time?
Well I have caught up and am sending my love as always to all of you. That man/boy of yours is a character he made me smile.

our love me and him xx

hotpotato said...

I found this funny too, tho I dare Jamie to ring up those customers when the time arises........Janina xx

Tash said...

Not a horrible thing to say at all - I actually found it quite funny (but that's my wierd sense of humour!)

Sending my love as always


voodoo vixen said...

Have been so busy with my own little life that I had missed all this - just wanted to say that you and your lovely family are in my thoughts. Jamie's humour had me smiling too - He obviously sees that the lighter side is necessary to help us get through the dark times. Hugs Annette

daydreamer said...

you do need a (strange) kind of SOH in times like these i think.
Thinking of you all, xxx

Claire said...

Hold onto the humour - you may be grateful for it later down the road.

Hugs to the family.
Claire X

Kirsty said...

lol, knowing Jamie which I do, I think it is hilarious bless him xx