Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thursday update

Well today has been just awful. Although I coped much better at work, I find the sympathetic looks really hard to cope with - but I know that people need to know. My friends as always have been amazing and tonight one phonecall blew me away totally. The husband of one of my BF has rung to offer his support. Not only is this wonderful because being a man, most of them have let their wives contact us, but he is my ex so it makes it even more meaningful. His kindness and generosity has blown me totally. So many people have made contact with us and it is so heartwarming to know they are all rooting for us.

As for stew, well he's not had a good day. He is struggling to come to terms with this, and coupled with the not eating he has no strength. Hopefully Monday will bring some relief to us both because we will know what we are dealing with. I am also wondering if the lethargy is as much to do with the caffiene withdrawal as he isn't drinking coffee and the fact he isn't eating as to do with the cancer.

we have been back to see the locum who has looked after him for 3 weeks and she was nearly in tears when we told her what was going on, but to be honest, she has given him a chance cos no one else was listening to us that there was a problem.

Well, lets see what tomorrow brings!!!


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