Monday, 8 September 2008


What a day today has been. We went back to see the eye man, who is wonderful but unfortunately having looked at the scans again, has found that the spot on the back of stew's head isn't a spot but another tumour!!!! So more proof that the tumour is spreading. He advised that we arrange to see our oncologist (or that she will ring us) so I contacted her secretary to be told she is still away and she couldn't do anything. It is so frustrating so eventually i asked her to get the Prof to contact me. I wasn't expecting her to, but tonight Prof. Newton Bishop rang. She wasn't actually sure who she was ringing but once she knew she was great and has arranged to view the scans etc and see us on Thursday afternoon.

Now I am quite calm, although I know it doesn't look good and I am hoping that they will be able to do something with chemo which seems to be the way they will treat it, but probably they will need more scans first. It seems to take so long to do everything, its frustrating.

The phonecalls from family and friends and friends of family and friends of friends have been coming all day and night and i must have told the same story at least 24 times tonight, but I don't mind cos it means they care.

Well, hopefully the next few days will go by quite calmly and peacefully. Stewart seems to be a bit brighter and has eaten a bit, but he has lost so much weight, his face and arms and legs are so thin it's frightening. He must have lost well over a stone in a couple of weeks - do I read into it that it's not good and a sign of something worse or do I assume that the nerves are causing it. I am too scared to think of the first so will opt for the second. Cowards way out but the only way I know how to cope.

Will update again after our visit on Thursday.

Thanks again if you are reading this for staying with my long posts. Hopefully something more positive will be on soon.

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