Sunday, 21 September 2008


Oh dear, what a day. I definately wasn't at my best!!!! I woke up upset, carried on being upset and snappy, cried on and off all day and eventually Stewart through me out at 7.30pm telling me to go home and sleep!!!! He wasn't having a good day either, we really must try and alternate our "off" days so we can support each other. I then came home and shouted at the kids, but hopefully they understand that today the anger hit me and the unfairness of the situation.

Other than that, the day has been ok!! He has only needed one extra top up of pain killers but tomorrow will be the test when we are driving to and from the hospital for his radiotherapy.

My best friend Debra rang tonight, and really cheered me up, as she does regularly, her sense of humour keeps me going.

Right, sorry only a short update but nothing really has happened today (other than emotions) so will update you again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope that advice from a stranger doesn't sound to condescending - it's not meant to be ... Don't beat yourself up about having an off day - you're allowed to :) There's no rules on how to deal with this and from what I read on your blog you are coping so very very well. God Bless You and your family - you are in my thoughtsx

Eileen said...

You're allowed an off day, Susy, and so is Stewart - and sometimes they will clash, that's life. So I agree, don't beat yourself up about it. It's probably that you know Stewart is a bit more settled that you allowed yourself to relax enough to let the anger show through. You're right, it's damned unfair, no one can 'justify' what's happening to Stewart or your family. But you will get through, the strength will come from somewhere. You're just not going to turn into a saint along the way!

Wishing you well for tomorrow, moving around is bound to unsettle him a bit. Thinking of you, God bless you all.

June A said...

Don't feel guilty for having an off day. You deserve one. You all do. My love goes out to you all. And I pray you find the strength to help each other through. I have sent your link out to everyone I know to get them praying for you. God Bless you.
June A

Tash said...

Susy - I've just read through your blog for the last month. How truly awful for you - my heart goes out to you, Stewart and the kids. You can always reach out to me if you need to.

On a happier note, you've won the second prize in my blog candy! Please let me have your addy and I will get the goodies to you asap

Anonymous said...

you are being soooo brave and your children .i have been following your blog and you are doing so well please remember you are allowed to be upset and to cry.i wish you all the best you can hope for. remember to take care off yourself. god bless

Maria said...

Suzy, days off are made to recover. Use them without feeling guilty. We all need days off and especially you, as you are in such a difficult situation. It might sound awful at first, but why going to a funny movie or meet friends in a pub? These couple of hours might lift your spirit a bit and do you much good.
You are in our thoughts. xxx