Wednesday, 19 March 2008

What a day today has been

Well, what can I say, have had to endure two, yes TWO, cortisone injections into my shoulder after my recent fall and now feel very very very sore but hopefully I will now start to recover and be able to get back to work, even if only part time. I really need to catch up before I take my holiday which is in 3 weeks. We are going to Disney in Florida, a long awaited (only 18 years since we thought about it as a honeymoon but couldn't afford it) holiday which we have saved and saved and saved and saved for. The kids are really excited and there are so many things to think about that next week's job is for me to try and get as much information together so we are organised. Mind you, it would be nice if the tickets and info arrived from the travel agent. I am beginning to get a bit worried.

Well, I decided last night to make a small thank you present for my mum and dad, who always complain that they don't have any up to date photos of us so I made a mini album for them using sizzix album dies, sizzix texture plate which I then chalked and lots of different dies, including nestabilities along with brads etc. I am new to "scrapbooking" so it was a challenge but I think I am pleased with the outcome.

So this is my family, my darling husband who is so supportive of my crafting but maybe that is because it keeps me from nagging him, but seriously he has been wonderful since my "accident" and I really appreciate his support. My children are "wonderful" when they are asleep but it's lovely that I can now scrap them ........ scrapbook them I should say though when the arguments start, scrap them might be what I have in mind. And the last photo, the most troublesome member of the family - Harley our puppy who is just huge, and just like any other puppy but bigger.


voodoo vixen said...

I'm a sucker for mini books and I love the cover on yours - the pale colours over the embossed flowers is beautiful. You have my sympathy over your shoulder injury - I have arthritis in my neck which means to spend 8 hours at my scrap desk requires painkillers!! ;)

Gem said...

Hope you do start feeling better, it sounds painful.