Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Maze Book - Amazed at how easy it was

Well, after deciding to have an early night, I packed everything away and thought - I wonder how easy it is to do a maze book. The tutorials I've seen have always seemed fairly simple so off I trotted and had a go.

The only down side of it was my daughter came down and decided she'd like it so instead of embellishing it as I wanted, I have done hidden pockets for the tags and left it blank for her to fill in.

This is the front of the book.

And this is it opened up.

I must say that for the fronts I used old cardboard that I had cut to size and covered and it works really well as it doesn't bulk up the book. It was a really economical way of making a card/book as the 12 x 12 I used was from a card pack I had bought and the rest is made from scraps that otherwise would have got thrown out.

My mind is racing with the possibilities for this and obviously I want to make lots more now but unfortunately bed is calling.


Claire aka Feline said...

Cute little maze book, I keep thinking about making one but then the mind wanders lol xxx

kelly said...

really nice book u make it look so simple lol

Enfys said...

Cute maze book. If it is as easy as you say, I may have a go!

elliemook said...

Lovely book - no wonder your daughter wanted it :D

Clare said...

What a lovely book. I'm not surprised that your daughter claimed it LOL