Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Autographs please

Well as we are off to Disney, my kids all wanted (yes even the 16 year old) autograph books so off I went to hunt for some. Not only are they difficult to find but when you do I think they were extortionately priced for what they were, exactly the same as everyone elses.

So armed with some disney papers and my BIA I decided that I would make personalised and individual autograph books for them.

The fronts are the same but with their names on

The backs are their favourite character

And the inside has a little extra added just to make them happy (and because they are cute).

I have to say, except for the fact that I had to make Gemma's name 3 times because I mucked up the first one when glueing together and totally lost the second one, that is until I'd made the third one, it was quite an easy job. So altogether I am rather pleased with myself.

Now I must clear up and go to bed cos I have work tomorrow and lots to do.


Veronica said...

Fabulous books - really bright colours - I am sure your kids will love them

V xx

kraftykizzy said...

Brill autograph books .Im sure they'll fill these pretty quickly. My nephew went last christmas and filled 3 including photographs. Your blog is great many thanks for helping me on uk scrappers forum

kraftykizzy said...

Brill autograph books Susy !
My nephew Alfie went to Florida last Christmas and he filled 3 up including photographs . Your blog is fab . Many thanks for your help on uk scrappers forum

Shirley said...

These books are really gorgeous, a really great idea and so personal, they will come back from Disney with a lovely momento each:)

Enfys said...

Love the books! I want a BIA but until then I borrow my friends.

mandijane said...

wow they are great something to really treasure

TCake said...

these are fab...they will love them. huge thanks for my award.

Beautifullily said...

That's such a fab idea - well done you! My DD loves hers from DisneyLand Paris - have fun getting the autographs!

Clare said...

Wow they're brilliant. We've bought the Disney parks ones in the past and yours are sooooo much better :o)