Friday, 21 March 2008

My very first completed album

Well having been and bought a BIA it would have been rude of me not to have used it, so yesterday and today has been spent quietly making an album (well not so quietly as I have involved the family in the decisions of which photos to use and to what wording I should use.

I based the cover on the colour scheme we had for the saturday, which was burgandy and worked from there. This front shows the first of my mistakes (I am sure you will notice more) in that I cut too many holes down the side - but having practised I now know how to do the correct number only!!

The first page holds a handmade envelope which inside is a letter to my son reminding him of how proud we are of him and that he is capable of anything if he sets his mind to it.

These are the pictures of us ready for the Saturday morning - hence the phrase - suited and booted (and we were raring to go!!!!)

And here we are on the Sunday. I know so many people don't like peel offs but I think they work on this page

And here are my two boys (hence brother's love) but I must say it's a rarity to find them together with a smile on their faces. And I used my new thickers for this too and added the nestabilities for the frames - see I am beginning to get a little more adventurous.
And here are the speakers (well of my house
anyway) doing their speeches on the night.
I even added a tag which slides out behind the picture of my hubby speaking with some personal words hidden on it (see - that's adventurous too!!)
And here is my favourite page - the one showing the present I got off my hubby - but that's hidden behind the flap (getting daring now)
The second page is of the dancing on the evening with Alex up in a chair - hence the title.
And this last page is of Alex and his friends because without them the weekend wouldn't have been the same to him.
I have now made a box with an acetate insert for the album and it has been put away for the moment and will be given to Alex when he gets married (I hope!!) or leaves home (I hope too!!)
Thank you for looking at my first attempt and I hope you like it.


Claire aka Feline said...

Wow, fab album with so much work gone into it.

A great idea to write a letter and hide it in the envelope with your thoughts and feelings :) xxx

scrapcomber said...

A lovely reminder of a special time, I am sure your son will treasure it. Well done on your first BIA project

voodoo vixen said...

Love the colours you have chosen and its a lovely album - what a great memory to be able to look back on.

Pssst... a piece of ribbon in the top and bottom holes will look great! ;)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Fantabulous Album there well done...I am sure he will treasure it. Colour is great and the lo's are superb.

misteejay said...

What a super first book and great colours. You son will certainly have something to treasure. Well done - your hard work was really worth it. Toni :)

Cass said...

Gorgeous first album.My Bind-It-All is still in it's box.Love your cards too and good to see another new blogger.

mandijane said...

It's great and something to treasure, the colours are fab.

voodoo vixen said...

Susy, I have given you an award, see my blog for details! :)

Clare said...

It's fab Suzy. What a great first project with your BIA :o)