Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hello to you all. This is my first attempt at blogging so here goes. My hopes are to update regularly with cards and scrapbook pages that I made and to keep you updated on my life (if you are interested).

So to start.

At the moment I am off work sick due to an accident which has hurt my shoulder and neck. Unfortunately this limits the amount of time I can craft in any way, however I have found that I can manage very short bursts of crafting because it is at the right level without stress being put on my injured parts. This is helping me with the boredom of not being at work. Next week I have promised to go in for an hour a day to help out and hopefully relieve some of the stress that is building in the office!!!

I am a sucker for new gadgets and today my nestabilities arrived. Have tried them on my cuttlebug and managed to cut with no problem and just about managed to emboss them too but will have to work a little bit on that to get the right thickness. Unfortunately the embossing mat that came with the cuttlebug was eaten this week by Harley!!! Typical, it has sat on my desk for over 12 months whilst I wondered what to do with it and now I need it, Harley has eaten it.

Well, the other exciting thing that has happened is that this week was my 40th birthday and I had a wonderful day with lots of pressies - just like being a kid again. My party is on Saturday at a local spa with all the girls so I am looking forward to that.

Well will catch up later and post some pictures for you to browse.

See ya!!


humbug said...


welcome to the world of blogging!!!

Gem said...

Keep on Blogging!