Saturday, 29 March 2008

For sale!!

Well, having not been able to craft much over the past few days I decided instead to have a clear out - well being the sort of person that NEVER gets rid of anything I am suffering terribly now but it has got out of control, I have stamps still in the wrappers that I just will never use so have decided to put them on the marketplace on UKS and then thought, I have a blog - maybe I should put them on here as well. Prices vary and start at £2 so if you are interested in any of the stamps please email me or contact me through UKS.

present stamp shoe/fan/wig stamp

wedding dress

4 stamps (and yes I know the last one is upside down!!) which are all brand new too.

cheers stamp heart stamp

This one is the only one that I have used (and then only once) and is a tuxedo and wedding dress.

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mandijane said...

Hope the shoulder is feeling better and I'm not much of a stamper but they look like pretty cool stamps..I'm sure there wil lbe a stampede....LOL...get it? STAMPede.....sorry :-)