Wednesday, 17 December 2008

On a happier note

Having posted about the trials and tribulations I am going through I would just like to tell you something nice for a change.

I got a pass out from my kids and on Saturday, after arranging for the kids to be out (thank you Elaine and Marie) I went to the Leeds Paper Dolls 12 hour xmas crop. It was lovely being out for the day although Kirsty was really poorly and went home and Alison only lasted till about 5pm because she felt lousy. I managed to do 3 canvasses and 2 DLO's and 1 SLO so I am really proud of myself. I will take some pictures of them and upload so that you can all see that I still do craft occasionally.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see someone about some more invites so keep your fingers crossed for me pleeeeeeeease that they like them.

Right, better get off to bed, was planning an early night but as usual it hasn't happened.


Tash said...

Susy - glad to hear you had such a good time after all the lousy treatment by the various Government agencies. If you need help drafting letters to the BBC and ITV, just let me know!!!!

daydreamer said...

Just letting you know i'm still here, popping by to see how your doing. Sounds like you've had a nightmare with the various benefit agencies. I agree they are totally useless. I hope you get sorted out financially very soon, at least that will be one less thing to have to worry about. Glad you enjoyed going to your crop, it will have done you good i'm sure.
And you made me chuckle about your lights flickering in your kitchen!
& you telling him off! Bless you.
Lots of hugs