Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Circle Journal

Ok, I have been a very very brave girl and with a bit of persuasion from my good friend Kirsty, I am taking part in a circle journal on UKS. I belong to "Kirsty's Kolourful & Kreative Newbies" which is 10 new timers to circle journals. So first of all I need to say hello to them all, Amy, Genevieve, Debbie, Debby, Catherine, Emma, Maxine, Toni & Liz (waves madly at them).

We all had to decide on our own theme and then we complete a page in each others layouts.

Well, my theme was Special Moments, why, cos I am a soppy so and so and love to hear nice things about people.

We are not allowed to put on our blogs or in our galleries our pictures of the CJ's until it is finished (in another 8 months time!!) but I am allowed to show you the front of my CJ.

This was designed during an afternoon with Kirsty, where I tried out different designs on her and this was the one we liked the best.

The first CJ entry I received was Amy's Nursery Rhymes one and boy did her introduction reduce me to tears - it was so lovely.

Well, as I said I am not allowed to show youmy LO's but I can show you some hints :)

Not sure even I can guess it from those LO's

but I am now looking forward to receiving the next one from Debby, Favourite Destinations. I have my idea for this, but who knows whether it will turn out the way I planned.

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dddeeebbbzzz said...

Woohoo - sneakies!!! You don't give much away do you??!! I haven't decided on a rhyme yet - will wait until I've seen what everyone else has done!!
Looking forward to getting the next one in the post.