Monday, 2 February 2009

Race for Life 2009

Firstly I must apologise, my last post makes it look like I don't get out of the house, I do, honestly. I am just about managing to organise going to the monthly crops, although I won't make it in February but I am getting out, it just means lots and lots of organisation.

I am even going away overnight to Champneys with my best friend - Gemma is going to sleep out and the boys are having a night at home in peace without us girls. I am really looking forward to it.

But the big news is at last we have a date for the Race for Life. It is on July 5th which unfortunately is not a good date as some of my friends are away and it is a special weekend for my best friend, but I hope they sponsor me instead. So far we have about 15 ladies actually signed up - seeing as I only emailed them all last night I am quite pleased. However, if you would like to sponsor me my online sponsorship form is Race for Life - Susy Rudette's Fundraising Page - if you wish to Gift Aid your payment, you can't pay by PayPal - not sure why but it doesn't let you.

I have set myself £2500 as a goal and others are setting anywhere between £50 and £500 - If we can raise £5000 I will be pleased but I really really would like to raise £10,000 if possible.

The men's race for the hospice is being held on July 19th and the details of that should be out soon.

I so hope that Stewart is looking down from above and is proud of what we are doing in his name, we are so proud to have been his wife, his children, his parent's in law, brothers and sisters in law, friends and colleagues that I hope we are making him proud.


Jazzy1972 said...

Hi Susy, I don't think there can be even the tiniest bit of doubt, Everyone is proud of you, especially stewart, you are a fantastic woman and I shall be sponsering you. Jay xx

Eileen said...

Good luck with the fundraising - and good that you've posted the bit about the dratted PayPal! As Jay says, we're all proud of you, and Stewart is the proudest of all!

Clair and Sharni said...

Susy, I'm sure Stewart would be extremely proud of you!!! Good luck, I hope you reach your goal! xxx