Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Retreat pictures

Here are the few pictures I actually remembered to take LOL - my apologies for the photography - i am useless with a camera LOL

this is my car - ready and packed - to be honest the box under the bags is the stuff I brought for the charity table and other than the pink tote and blue tool bag and my case I could have left everything else at home.

This is me with my roomie and friend - Ali - she is one of the most talented scrapper but more importantly she is the nicest person you could ever meet - thank you Ali for coming along this weekend and having such a laugh - now all we need to do is ensure that you have a bra that stays done up over the dinner table LOL ;-)

A view of the cropping room - everyone was really busy after the classes had finished on Sunday afternoon.

Sam and Gwyneth who sat on our table and shared the backrow of the classroom with us - and how we laughed together - bless them both - I loved being with you for the weekend and hope we can see each other again soon.

Here's a picture of Julie - and not sure where my picture of Helen is LOL - but they did make me laugh throughout the evenings (and the days as well LOL) - good luck Helen with your forthcoming op and I hope when you are back on your feet we can all meet up again.

Tara, who joined us for dinner, got more than she bargained for with Ali, but we did laugh and I LURVE the accent xx

And here are the ladies on the next table - loved them too and we did laugh - and I am so grateful that Chloe (back left) and I got out of Manchester car park to get to the retreat.

Here's Jane - doing what we all did very well during the weekend - shopping!!!!

Another picture which isn't quite the one I wanted - this was supposed to be Sarah and Lianne together (well they are but I only got the back of sarah) but it's a lovely picture of Lianne x

And a picture of some of the design team on sunday afternoon - they all did a magnificent job of teaching especially someone like me who just can take instructions LOL.

And here is Rachel clearing our table - was lovely to spend some time with her as have been friends for 2 years now - and I even managed to save her a train ride home.

I know my photos are lousy in comparison to others but it was such a wonderful weekend that I just never thought to get my camera out of my bag until late on Sunday afternoon. My apologies to those I wanted to take a picture of (which to be honest is all of you at the retreat) and didn't - hopefully next time (that's a hint to Sarah and Lianne xxx)


Rachael said...

Susy these are fab photos makes me want to do it all again!!It was lovely to finally meet you IRL.

Anonymous said...

Fab photos susy, so glad you had a great time. We all did. :)

Vanessa x

TG said...

Fab pics Suzy, brings it all back, wish we could do it all again this weekend. Really nice to meet you.
Hugs Tracy x

gwyneth said...

They're fab photos Susie.Can you bring me some Botox with you next time :)I had a ball thanks to you, Ali Carol & Sam.
It was lovely to meet you.

Trina said...

Where am I?! LOL

Great photo's, it was a fab weekend, I still can't stop giggling when I think of Ali at the dining table!

Trina xx

nikki said...

Great photos - I took hardly any - yours really sum up the weekend - lots of crafting and loads of laughs - didnt get a chance to chat to half the people I planned to as it flew past - maybe next time.......

Sam said...

Argh, what a dreadful pic of me!!! LOL
Some great pics there, I've been sewing on LOs - inspired by Rachel. LOL xxx

Rachel said...

great photos susy, i like the DT one i dont think we got one of us all together in the end. great to see you, and now you know where i live there will be no stopping you lol